1. "Thoughtful Answers": A Workshop about Domestic Violence for The Community©

Benefits of Taking This Class:

  • Develop a clearer understanding of what does and does not constitute domestic violence
  • Discover how common the problem is and that you are not alone
  • Identify risk factors for being a victim of partner violence
  • Understand how violence changes the marital relationship
  • Learn strategies that are useful for changing battering behavior
  • Learn strategies that are not useful for changing battering behavior
  • Expose the myths about domestic violence that tend to trap women in abusive relationships
  • Develop trust in your own instincts
  • Discover how to create a nurturing support system to avoid isolation
  • Connect with community resources to create a safety plan for you and your children
  • Identify the characteristics of healthy male-female relationships
  • Learn how to talk to your daughters and sons about violence so they don’t perpetuate the cycle
  • Construct ways to talk to your primary health care provider about injuries inflicted during a violent episode
  • Learn what the Word of God tells us about domestic violence

2. Compassionate Communication Class: Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, entitled “Nonviolent Communication (“NVC”): A Language of Life” {with permission granted by the publisher}.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase our abilities to live with choice, meaning, and connection.
  • Connect empathically with self and others, creating more satisfying relationships. 

Class Information: Six Sessions

Assume the Best: It’s Contagious!!! – Dr. Rand

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